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I'm leaving HC, what about my Google data?

If you are leaving your education experience or employment at HC, your cloud accounts (from Google and Microsoft Office 365) will stay active thru the next full semester following your departure. (eg: If you leave at the end of a spring semester you will have access to all your info through the end of the next fall semester.)

To take data you have stored on your Google drive with you, there are several options:
  • For a single file or folder, the easiest and simplest way is to download that document or folders, and then upload them to another Google account or where ever you want them.

  • If you have email or information from other Google services (Blogger, Maps, Picasa, etc) that you want to take with you, use Google’s Takeout tool.
    This tool allows you to archive and download your Google Apps data as a zipped file on your computer. You can do this individually by service (contacts, calendar, drive, etc.) or as a single archive. After you have downloaded your data to your computer, you can import it into another Google Apps account or access the files directly. 
Related notes:
  • If you have files or folders in G drive that you want to transfer to someone else at Hesston College, you can transfer ownership of the files to them. However, you can't assign ownership to someone outside of our domain. 

  • If you are fac/staff, you can also ask IT to transfer ownership of Google Docs to another person at the college.

  • At this point there is no option to merge Google accounts.