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May 2014 Google Intro notes

Tips shared at training session on switching to Google   May 2014

Gmail layout

1.    Left side navigation, extras that shows when cursor put there

  • Inbox, sent, drafts, starred , Default labels (folders) and imported ones and new ones you create in Gmail

  • Labels…

  • are sorta like folders, but you can apply multiple labels to one email

  • Several ways to create, when looking at email or from Settings>labels

  • You can “send” an email to a label or drag it there

  • You can give a label a color, so it stands out  (IT ones)

  • You can turn off Chat to give you more label space if you want (in tab in settings)

  • Default “Mail” in upper left, but you can also see Contacts and To Do

    • In Contacts, delete, merge, find and merge

2.  Upper section..

  • If you select/mark an email, you can take action on those emails, refresh .  move to older messages.   

  • Search window.  You can search with many variables, (demo this)
    from Kendra Berkey, one month from march  2014

  • upper right, how to access multiple accounts

3.   Main inbox  with your imported LN folders

  • By default, unread messages have white background, while read messages have gray background

  • Click on message (or messages )to get options… delete, label, archive

    • Archiving is like moving messages into a filing cabinet for safekeeping, rather than putting them in the trash can.
      If you archive the email, it will be removed from your inbox, but you will always have it under All Mail. This is a useful feature that allows your inbox to stay uncluttered. The archived email can be located under "All Mail" if you did not assign a label to it. If you assigned a label to the email, you can find it under that label or under All Mail. Watch this short video Archiving vs. Deleting (YouTube 1:16).

    • When you delete an email it is moved to your trash bin for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, the email is gone for good

    • also “Realize that any folder you create will also be a label, and vice versa. They are the same thing in Gmail. The only difference is that by clicking on a Folder icon, you move an email from your inbox to that folder, and by clicking on the Label icon, you add the label to an email without moving it away from where it's currently located (emails can have more than one label at a time).

  • What messages it has marked as important.. gmail learns...

  • Double click to open and read.  Delete, reply...

  • Back arrow or back word….to return to inbox

  • Composing an email..   

    • Make big and see all formatting options

    • Adding an attachment/getting an attachment

    • Other options under plus sign

    • CC and BCC in upper right

4  Gear on right side. place to change settings

  • Display density

  • Configure Inbox   Click to enable Tabs if you want them, the default is just one, and you might want to leave it there to begin with.  
    You can configure inbox for Primary, Social, Promotions and train Gmail on what goes where…
    Everything just in primary which I think is the default    You can’t rename tabs

  • Under the Settings Option, items to note

  • Settings to change more options   10 tabs,

    • Under Chat tab, turn if off…

    • We will come back to “labs” later

    • But under General tab

    • Default text style

    • Conversation view....keeps threads together or keep separate.

    • Desktop notifications….New mail notifications on ….all or just those labeled “important”   
      Reminder, notification will generally take you away from whatever task you are doing, and thus can slow down your productivity

    • Keyboard shortcuts off to begin with…maybe but...
      Hit "o" to open a message, press "c" to compose and "r" to reply. Hitting "?" calls up a list of all available shortcuts (See them all here).

    • Button Labels… Icons or Text….

    • Signature to your email.  MarComm is working on standard one

    • Point out the different tab options up top….highlight labs option… for “apps”

  • Also in the Gear area you can Set theme/images/colors



Google Calendar Intro

  • Where to find   (9 dots upper right with other Google Tools)

  • Overview

    • personal and group calendars shared with others

    • arrow on left of “my calendar” shows my other ones

    • Create an event for yourself and then invite others either from Create button on left or from the day

    • Has similar layout and Gear option for changes, show “general”

    • There are also keyboard shortcuts for calendar.  You can view them by
      Shift   ?   

    • You can also create an event when sending email

    • Video “Create events in Google Calendar” the basic video to start with