Archiving Lotus Notes

Just a few simple steps are required to archive all remaining mail from the Lotus server for future offline access.

In Lotus Notes on your primary Hesston College computer:
(For those with large mailboxes, please be ready to allow Lotus some time to work on this, while you can do things outside Lotus Notes)
  1. Check if you have an Archive file
    1. In the left nav, under Folders, is 'Archives', and if you expand the '+' sign there should be at least one type listed.
    2. Click the title to open it, to be sure it's configured properly. 
      1. If not, follow the 'Check your Archive settings' (#2 below).
      2. If it opens, proceed with Archiving steps  (#3 below).

  2. Check your Archive settings  (If Needed)
    1. Open the  'Actions > Archive > Settings' menu
    2. Select the 'Default for Last Modified' criteria, and click 'Edit' on the right
    3. Ensure 'Enable this criteria' is checked (near the top), and under the 'What should happen...' section the 'Copy...' option is selected, with a filename entered.
    4. Click 'OK' (if a popup window asks to set up a schedule, answer No)
    5. The 'Default for Last Modified' should have a checkmark beside it. Click 'OK'

  3. Archive steps
    1. Open the 'All Documents' view, in the left nav below 'Inbox'  (be patient - the view refresh is often very slow).
    2. Sort by Date descending, and scroll to the top.
    3. You should see your newest mail that now has a clock icon on the left, indicating it was forwarded to Google and will expire. Below that you should find mail from before the migration. 
    4. Select all messages (hold the 'CTRL' key, and press the 'a' key - this should highlight all messages).
    5. Click the 'Actions > Archive > Archive now' menu option (from the top menu bar).
    6. Click 'OK' to affirm archiving now. Let it work. When it's complete it will open the archive file with your archived mail.

As always, if you have any trouble with these instructions, please email